Commercial Construction Copywriter

I am Curtis Dennis, a professional commercial construction copywriter, and I write persuasive, effective copy for the commercial construction industry.

My tagline above says it all, “the excitement is building!”

I have worked in the building trades, as a commercial carpenter, since 1980.

Over my career, I have worked both sides of the fence, first as the employee/installer, and later as the contractor/owner.

As the employee, I have worked on casinos in Las Vegas, high rises in Los Angeles, and countless commercial projects throughout southern California.

As the contractor, I wore countless hats;

  • Estimator
  • Installer
  • Material management
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Job safety

Over the last few years I have been honing my copywriting skills through classes and trainings through AWAI.

As a result of my own personal construction career, combined with the skills learned through AWAI, I am uniquely qualified to be your commercial construction copywriter.

Who Is your customer?

Many companies spend a lot of time and money to identify their "ideal customer". Once they have created this profile, its used for developing and creating

  • website content
  • print and mail ads
  • videos
  • newsletters
  • commercials (radio and television)
  • social media campaigns

Great commercial construction copy will speak to your "ideal customer" in a variety of ways

  • it will answer their question
  • it will solve a problem
  • it saves them time or money
  • it enhances their life in some way

For over 30 years now, I have been your target, your prospect, in short, I am your ideal customer.

I have seen your products installed and used on the job site, and on display at the supply house/retailer.

I have been to your website, read your flyers and promos, and possibly used your products (hands on).

I have also watched your product videos, and posted comments on your social media accounts.

Who better to write effectively to your customers, than one of your "ideal customers"?

What's in it for you?

The benefits for your company, and its products or services are simple

  • I already know and understand the commercial construction industry. 
  • I can effectively speak to your prospect, to get the click. 
  • I can speak and write fluent jobsite-eze, construction-eze, and also contractor-eze.
  • I can write B2B or B2C.
  • This all translates into higher quality copy for your project, with shorter project timelines, and faster starts. 

If your commercial construction product or service can benefit from  reaching more prospects with a targeted message that will get the click, I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Send me an email to get started.

From there I can schedule a phone call or online meeting to discuss the project details.

Thanks for your time today.

Curtis Dennis

Your Commercial Construction Copywriter