My B2B Copywriting Portfolio

Here you can see my B2B Copywriting Portfolio, which includes some recent B2B copywriting and content marketing projects I've written for companies, just like yours.

While writing samples are nice (yes, I have a samples page too), nothing beats currently live pages that are growing traffic, leads, and sales right now, today!

These are live links to pages where my friendly, but persuasive voice and tone delivers the results these companies were looking for, so please check them out for yourself.

Website Content

So let's start with my favorite project, an entirely brand-new website, or a whole-site rewrite. 

I like these projects because I get to use my SEO and UX experience, which allows the sales enablement copy to engage and connect with the prospect. 

(That's the new buzzword for content marketing, in case you were wondering.)

Local Fire Sprinkler Contractor 

Natural Stone Products from Meridian Brick

Commercial Floor Care Service Provider

Business Accounting Firm

Design-Build General Contractor

Working with one copywriter ensures a uniform voice and tone across every page of your website, from the home page to the contact us page.

Pillar Pages

A pillar page usually refers to a page of 2,000 words or more, which covers a topic in great detail from start to finish. Sometimes the page includes a table of contents, with anchor links to take to a specific section of that page, or even another relative web page.

How to Hire a Contractor

How to Buy Vacant Land

Metal Roof Curbing Guidelines

Choosing the Right Metal Roof System for Your Project

You can use pillar content to share your industry expertise and knowledge, and establish yourself as an authority or SME (Subject Matter Expert) for your products or services.

And because pillar content is evergreen, it ranks well with the search engines, and doesn't require constant updating like a site blog does.

Blog Posts and Articles

Regular and consistent publishing of new content can be an easy SEO win for most companies. Compare two similar websites, and the one with the active blog almost always has a better SERP (Search Engine Results Page) score than the other.

Most of the blog posts and articles I've written for clients usually fall in the 500-1000 word range, and cover a specific topic or idea, like the examples below.

Your site blog is another opportunity to increase brand awareness, and further promote your products or services.

Levelset Blog Posts

Faux Stone Trends and Ideas

Faux Stone Options for an Office Building

AC Surge Protection

Ten Signs Your AC Needs Service or Repairs (Part 1)

Ten Signs Your AC Needs Service or Repairs (Part 2)

SEO Checklist for Your Freelance Website

Choosing the Best Domain Name for Your Website

Is SEO Really Dead This Time?

I recently (October 2021) finished up my stint as the "Reality Blogger" for the AWAI B2B Writing Success Group. Originally, this position was supposed to last for a year, but the project got extended to 75 weeks.

And yes, that's the same AWAI that taught me how to be a content marketer and copywriter in the first place. I included just a couple of those articles above since that content is gated from the public (it's a membership site).

I recently asked my editor for a testimonial, and here is her reply:

"Curtis's reality blogs for our membership site were very popular with members. His knowledge and initiative provided our members with great information and tips for their own copywriting journeys. And members loved his "voice."

But what I will remember most was how easy he was to work with - he hit every deadline, every time. He provided work that needed very little editing to begin with and almost no editing by the time his assignment ended.

He learned and grew and shared that learning and growing with us in very constructive and helpful ways that brought us all along with him on his journey.

It was a real pleasure having him as our reality blogger - so much so that we didn't want to let him go when the assignment came to an end."

Lisa Christoffel, AWAI B2B Writing Success Managing Editor.

Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is the freebie or "ethical bribe" your prospects receive in exchange for their contact info. A strong lead magnet is crucial to catch the interest and attention of your ideal prospect, and for your lead generation process to work effectively.

Common examples include:

  • A discount code for the product or shipping costs
  • eBook or How-to Guide
  • Survey or Quiz
  • Resource List

A good lead magnet must be tailored for the audience, since there are significant differences between a B2B or B2C prospect. And it must provide a value or benefit for the prospect to easily answer the "What's In It For Me" question.

I will be working on a few lead magnets over the next few months, and will post links as soon as they go live on the internet.

Additional Writing Projects

Due to CDAs (Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements), I can't post links to every completed writing project. But the completed projects listed here should demonstrate my abilities for other writing projects such as:

  • Autoresponders
  • Newsletters
  • Customer Success Stories
  • Company Brochures (In-print and digital)
  • Case Studies
  • White Papers
  • Email (Content for marketing emails)

Should you still have any questions, send me an email, or schedule a no-obligation discovery call, and let's talk about how my copywriting can help improve your visitor traffic, Google ranking, lead-gen efforts, and ultimately your sales, too.

Have a great day!

Curtis Dennis

Your Freelance B2B Copywriter and Content Marketer