B2B Writing Samples

I have assembled these B2B writing samples for your review. I can't expect you to even consider working with me, until you have seen some of my recent work.

I get it, I wouldn't buy a car without a test drive either.

As a freelance B2B copywriter, it goes without saying that I do a fair amount of "ghostwriting" for several of my clients. This simply means my name isn't listed as the author. The company, or a company employee usually gets the author credit.

So, yes! You can hire me to write your website copy, company blog or newsletter for you.

Here are some recent B2B writing samples I created for a few of my clients.

Contractor Support Services

6 Proactive Steps for Contractors During COVID-19

COVID-19 Construction Project and Payment Delays

Lower Your Contractor Overhead Costs

Building Materials

Faux Brick Backsplash

Faux Stone Ideas for an Office Building

5 Benefits of Building a Barndominium

Construction Industry

Negative Impacts of New Steel Tariffs

More B2B Writing Samples

Most of, but definitely not all of, my clients are related or connected to the construction industry. 

Previous clients include non-profit groups, solo and infopreneurs, affiliate marketers, and an inventor too.

Projects include website copy, newsletters, auto responders, course curriculums, and powerpoint (slide deck) presentations.

You can also check out my AWAI copywriter bio page for more B2B writing samples dealing with SEO, Google analytics, and business management.

If these B2B writing samples have you thinking we could work well together, send me an email and let's discuss your next copywriting project.

Curtis Dennis

Freelance B2B Copywriter and Content Creator

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